Air cooled chiller

Air cooled chiller
Product Description

Air-cooledchillers actively absorb heat from process water; they then transfer this heatinto the air around the chiller unit. This type of unit is typically used inareas where additional heat discharge is not an issue, but instead works as abenefit. For instance, the additional heat can be used to warm a space duringthe winter for less money than traditional heating systems.Thecycle starts with the evaporator, which has a liquid refrigerant that flowsover the evaporator tube bundle where it evaporates. In the process, heat isabsorbed from the chilled water circulating through the bundle. The compressorthen pulls the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator. The compressor is thentasked with pumping the refrigerant vapor to the condenser, which increasestemperature and pressure. The refrigerant condenses when it’s in the condensertubes, releasing its internal heat to the air o The high-pressure liquid thenmoves through the expansion device and into the evaporator; in the process therefrigerant pressure is reduced along with the temperature. To complete thecontinuous cycle, the refrigerant flows back over the chilled water coils andabsorbs more heat.

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